Welcome to my world!

Hello, I’m Alex and I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2016.

Throughout my career I’ve seen businesses come and go, I’ve seen trends come and go, I’ve tried and failed several times. But I’ve also been successful quite a few times.

I have already helped companies in different niches and in 12 countries to build a solid and efficient marketing and sales strategy.

Today I dedicate myself to helping entrepreneurs through my coaching programs, specialized consulting and I am at the head of my agency, Klippe, which serves small and medium-sized companies globally and helps them grow predictably and solidly.

I am completely passionate about travel and understanding how the human mind behaves, in order to get the best of our communications as possible.

I have dedicated my last years to studies and research in the area and I am recently writing my first book that will be published. Connect with me on my social networks.

And please, feel free to send me a message. I’ll love to hear from you.


Alex Alera